The Elders Way 2020

The Elder's Way Retreat

Gianyar Regency, Bali

2 - 9 August (sold out)

1 - 8 November (waitlisting)

A retreat for men aged 50 and over to explore the remarkable world of Eldership - a place of Accomplishment, Grace, Wisdom and Blessings.


This unique venue offers participants all of the comfort of a private retreat space, where we will be the only residents!

Each airconditioned room is beautifully furnished and designed for your privacy and comfort with bathroom, indoor and outdoor garden seating. A pool, restaurant, and spa complete the setting. 

Participants enjoy all of the services and comfort of a small private hotel. Lovingly prepared beautiful food, a swimming pool, village walks and outstanding service from the friendly staff.

The Elder's Way retreat is an opportunity for you to explore the potential of your last great journey in life. Far from being a place of placid 'retirement', The Elder's Way challenges you to claim and celebrate this magnificent period of your life as a precious gift and reward for your accomplishment and contribution to yourself and to others.

You will experience and share about letting go, detachment, wisdom, blessing, witnessing, creativity and the homecoming of spirit and the heart.

We will carefully and respectfully journey towards the great domains of your frailty and dying, knowing that even here there is much to be accomplished.

You can download the brochure by clicking this link.

Elders are a much needed resource within our community.
There is work to do!
The Elder's Way is a program developed and co-ordinated by the WA based community organisation Menswork Project Inc.
Man Unplugged are delighted to be involved in the facilitation of the upcoming program.

What happens on The Elder's Way?

Lots of considerate, safe and respectful personal development group work, innovative workshop processes and sharing circles. Nothing boring! Some ritual work and plenty of reflection time. Great conversations and mateship. Plenty of village walks, meditation, bodywork, music and stunning local cultural events. We experience care, service, beautiful food, a few surprises and lots of fun!  These unique group experiences offer men an authentic, safe opportunity to go to the essence of themselves, to share and explore as a potential springboard to the next part of your life's journey.

The Retreat experience went way beyond any of my expectations, delivering for me a space where I was able to be in true integrity with myself amongst good men, opening my heart to them and feeling safe and honoured throughout the week.

Why Bali?

Many rites of passage programs and mens' work are based on deprivation, which certainly has its place for our Warrior archetypes. In contrast, The Elder's Way is based upon gratitude and abundance, a grounded place from which to share our elder wisdom to bless, empower and encourage younger people as they go through their own transitions in life. Where else could you participate in an 8 days fully facilitated, all-inclusive program with exceptional service and accommodation just sufficiently 'out of the way' to concentrate on just you! We offer a genuinely stunning adventure.

What's in it for you?

Previous participants have reported that they experienced:

  • self-validation rather than seeking it from others    
  • a willingness to let go of past issues
  • an enriched sense of family and place
  • self-respect and respect for others
  • freedom to be with other men
  • an appreciation of spirit
  • the ongoing support and friendship of fellow elders
  • an enriched and deeper insight into their life's purpose
  • a clearer understanding of what they want to do in the future
  • belonging and blessing vs competing with other men
  • a defining moment in their life story
  • ability to make time and space for themselves
  • an understanding of their place in community
  • a willingness to know and accept their life’s journey

Who else is going?

You will be joined by up to 11 other men who are ready to reward themselves and explore the next stage of their journey in a safe, supportive and abundant setting, with the wise facilitation of your program guides:


Peter Efford

Peter EffordPerth WA

Peter co-founded The Menswork Project (MWP) in 2001 with Wes Carter, after 5 previous years of partnering countless workshops, retreats and events related to men’s health and wellbeing.

In 2005, The Elder’s Way was born, running twice yearly in Ubud, and has become a flagship program of MWP. In 2017 Peter published The Momentum Concept, a source document designed to create an overview and the origins of unhealthy masculine behaviour, patriarchy and power, it’s impact on Planet Earth, and our need for a gender-equal and cooperative future with an emphasis on educating boys.

Peter is a recognised Elder in the Australian men’s community and brings a wealth of practical and experiential wisdom to The Elder’s Way.

John Broadbent

John Broadbent, Sydney NSW.

John is an engaged father to 2 sons, a husband and a business owner. He has been actively involved in men’s work for almost 30 years, published ‘Man Unplugged – Exploring The Inner Man’ and continues to explore his own eldership by helping other men take their inward journey with clarity of purpose and support.

He too has experienced the enhanced richness and fullness of life, resulting from men’s work and how that has deeply supported his own unfoldment. John offers this retreat as part of his own eldering journey, paying forward the support and encouragement he’s received from those elders whose shoulders on which he consciously stands.

Price for the retreat is $3,500* and includes:

  • 7 days and nights full accommodation in single occupancy villas
  • Breakfasts, lunches and Balinese evening feasts at the venue
  • Airport transfers to and from the venue
  • All group work sessions (42++ Hours).
  • Local transport to and from  the venue and village walks
  • Laundry at the venue
  • Staff gratuities
  • Return transport across the island to a special breakfast
  • Cultural ceremony

(* Early-bird rate is $3,000 - see conditions below)


  • Return Airfares
  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended!)
  • Alcohol and bar fridge expenses (a large Bintang beer will set you back around A$5)
  • Personal shopping (most men would spend around A$100 on gifts and personal items)
  • Massages (one and a half hours of absolute bliss, around A$30, A$15 to $A20 for one hr – can be quite addictive!)

Booking for The Elder's Way

We encourage you to plan ahead to claim your space well in advance. All bookings must be accompanied by a A$1,000 non-refundable deposit and can secure the early-bird rate of $3,000 if deposits are received before the published expiry date.


There are a limited number of places available on the retreats so we need to manage bookings carefully. Therefore, cancellations less than 60 days before the start date forfeit 100% of deposit payment. We will refund the deposit if we can fill the cancelled place. Cancellations between 60 and 90 days before start date forfeit 50% of deposit payment unless we can fill the cancelled place. If we cancel the retreat for any reason a full refund of your deposit will be made to all participants.

For further enquiries and bookings

Contact John Broadbent on
+61 (0)417 645 536
or email

I arrived in Bali thinking that I had explored so much about myself. I found through the peacefulness of the retreat, the feeling of again letting go, the wonderful expertise of the facilitation allowed me to open up to new ways of being still with myself. The result was I returned home with a real sense of my purpose again.