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In 1991 at 33, John Broadbent was just like any other man working in a good Engineering job.

What he didn’t know was that he was completely and emotionally shut down...

 “Sleepwalking” is a good way to describe him!  Had you met John you might have thought he had lots of passion and energy, however he wasn’t connected with his Heart and certainly had little backbone.

In January 1991 John had an ‘awakening’ (an apt term really for someone who was sleepwalking) although he didn’t know it at the time.  Then during the 90s, John was fortunate to travel extensively with a mentor, meeting Shaman in Alaska, Masaai elders in Kenya, sages in the Himalayas, Tjilpis (Elders) at Uluru and some of the best healers in Bali, all of which dramatically challenged and confronted his rigid views of life.

Eventually John surrendered to his knowingness that life was more than what he perceived, having experienced events way beyond literal interpretation. Then in 2000 after the death of this mentor, John became an avid reader and discovered that his awakening was no mere accident.

Many books referred to the multiplicity of processes John had unknowingly undergone to become a much more ‘whole’ and conscious man, and consequently he was able to put a framework in place to understand his own personal transformation.

John has in turn mentored many people and guided them to build a relationship with their own inner realm.  He continues to focus his attention on ‘men’s business’, reads a diverse range of non-fiction authors in this genre, and now wishes to share his experience with other men in the hope of inviting them on their own personal transformation journey.

The publication of Man Unplugged - Exploring The Inner Man is the result of John’s journey into Elderhood. He is also a hands-on father to two growing sons.

John is available to provide guidance on the steps men can take to instil lasting change, resulting in authentic men, connected relationships, happier families and stronger communities.