"John has an incredible gift for supporting men through each transition of life. Whether you call it a midlife crisis, midlife calling, midlife passage or the tunnel of darkness, his care, compassion and wisdom make him an ideal ally in times of deep personal pain. I am incredibly grateful to have John in my corner as I continue to navigate my way through midlife and beyond."

Dean, Adelaide, SA

"Having had the opportunity to work with John for a number of years now, I have seen something very special in him that is rare in today's world. He has the air of the wise elder in the room and this presents in a calm, humble and vulnerable way.

The impact I have seen him have on others around him, including his clients, has been extremely powerful. Using the skills and knowledge he has gained from the many and varied adventures in his life, gives him a unique perspective into the human condition and in turn, allows him to help others on a real and deep level.

I would recommend John to anyone who is looking to grow themselves and ultimately everything else around them."


"I have had the utmost pleasure of having John as a coach and mentor for one and a half years now. I have had coaches in the past and did not have great success and had almost given up hope of finding the ‘right fit’ coach.

Then I met John! John truly has a gift.

Unlike other coaches, John holds you accountable and supports you every step of the way. He helped me understand the power of the mind and the relationship it has to my business success. He has this amazing gift of being able to offer advice from many different angles and that has undoubtedly been the catalyst to transform my business.

If I was to describe John in three words they would be AUTHENTIC, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, PASSIONATE!"


"I have known John for more than 30 years. In the past we have worked together in the same businesses and recently collaboratively on projects and business opportunities.

I have found John to be a trusted and loyal colleague and he is a mentor and friend.

Articulate, extremely enthusiastic and prepared to help anyone who asks, John has a wealth of experience in business solutions. I have seen John develop his mentoring skills in his own teams and as a personal life coach to many others.

With his new business he will continue to help people realise their own potential just as he has done for me."

John P

"John has been a mentor/coach for me and my business partner for over 12 months now, but the amount of support and guidance he has given stretches beyond the typical role of business coach.

His experience in business enabled him to assist us with many systems which led to greater efficiency.

John also helped supported me through personal issues as he could see how it was holding me back and affecting my business. His years of training in personal development and his genuine desire to help people clearly comes across in all interactions with John.

He offered a unique perspective in many different situations which often turned out to be the catalyst for my own growth and learning. I would highly recommend working with this amazing gentleman!"


"John has been running businesses for more than 30 years and has tremendous experience in every aspect of running a successful business: business growth, marketing, sales, leadership, organisation and management.

He is not one of those business coaches who only ever ran his coaching business. I hate coaches who have never run businesses outside of their own coaching business!

John helped me find my business's purpose, create a culture around it and added substantial value.

Not only did he help me grow my business, he also helped me grow as a person and be a better business owner, leader and husband.

With his guidance, I was able to grow my business more than 60% in the last year. I couldn't have done it without his support. John is truly a master at coaching and mentoring.

Anyone looking for a top-notch life and business coach would be wise to contact him. He is the best coach I've ever known."