Man Unplugged - Exploring the Inner Man

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With the current alarming rate of male suicide clearly showing that men are struggling with what it means to be a 'man' today, I decided to share my own inner journey of discovery, with the intention of helping other men find their way through their own inner world.

"You have in your hands a blueprint for the male spiritual journey"
Andy Roy - author of Raising Teenage Boys
Available in paperback, ebook and now also in audiobook.

The book, Man Unplugged - Exploring The Inner Man, is a warts-and-all exploration of my own unravelling, supported by other's work in this area, condensed into a readable and accessible book.

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Man Unplugged explores questions like:

What does it mean to be a man at this time?

How are we stereotyped?

How did we get to where we are?

What affects the way we're seen, think about ourselves and others?

How can we, as men, live deeply fulfilling, connected and authentic lives?

These questions and more troubled me during my 30s as I hit rock-bottom, losing everything that society said I should 'have'.  I was fortunate at that time to meet a mentor, who helped me answer these and other questions ... for myself.

What I did learn is that if you do nothing, nothing will change.

The book will help you understand why you are as you are, provide tools to add to your own kit-bag and help you navigate your life with much more passion, connectedness, confidence and authenticity. 

John Broadbent author of Man Unplugged

John Broadbent

"Man Unplugged helps show the way, by encouraging men to have a newer, bigger vision for themselves."
Maggie Hamilton - author of What Men Don't Talk About and What's Happening to our Boys
I invite you to take your own journey of inner discovery and bring the unique gift of you, fully, to this world and those around you.
Available in paperback, ebook and now also in audiobook.
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