No Man Is An Island …

AfricanProverbNo man is an island yet our upbringing as boys is often geared toward going it alone.

Men who feel isolated are everywhere and sometimes don’t even realise themselves that within them is a yearning to connect.

Having just experienced an extraordinary weekend at my third annual Men’s Wellbeing gathering, Manhood 2014, it is only with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight that I continue to see immense value in such gatherings.

There’s something about ‘being’ in a group of almost 100 men, all there to find a deeper connection with themselves, to improve their lives, and to become more whole men. Such immersion organically asks you to show up as the most authentic man you can be, whatever that means for you, and allow the collective energy to weave its gentle magic.

An important aspect of these events is noted on the website: Rather than any notion of trying to “fix men”, these groups offer a safe space of acceptance for men to explore their own self-transformation and awareness.

And self-transformation, in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment (did I mention the amazing food?) is a primary aim. No advice-giving (unless asked for), no philosophising and no generalisations, with strong encouragement to speak in ‘I’ language so that we may own whatever it is we’re seeking to resolve.

Men’s gatherings are held in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Qld throughtout the year, so perhaps check out the Men’s Wellbeing schedule ( and if only once in your life, take the plunge!

Remember, you can NEVER learn less about yourself and you just might discover, like I did, that such an experience opens your Heart more than ever before.